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CRAVE Review and Blog Tour!!!

I am so excited to be part of this amazing tour with the FFBC because I. LOVE. CRAVE!

In other words: OMIGOD READ THIS!
5 out of 5, put this in your shopping cart, get ready for teen angst and fangs, and go!

Crave is my new obsession. I’m not usually a fan of stories that begin with tragic orphans, but I will make an exception! After the sudden loss of her parents, Grace moves up to Alaska to live with her uncle, who runs a prestigious boarding school in the middle of nowhere. 

Upon arrival it becomes clear that the other students don’t want her there and that the school is clearly divided into cliques taken to the next level. But her outsider status and the burgeoning interest of *the* prince of the school, Jaxon, makes Grace stand out—and not always in a good way. It soon becomes clear that there is more to the school and it’s students than she ever knew…and that someone may just want her dead.

I freaking live for the tropes at play: the seemingly normal girl who somehow snags the attention of the hottest, coolest, most dangerous guys in school; her ability to transcend the clique’s exclusivity; the slow and tortuous revelations that increasingly show that things are not as normal as they seemed. Everything about it is just brimming with the teen drama I CRAVE! 

Throw in a bunch of supernatural teenagers, hot vampire romance, cool magic, DRAGONS, and the never ending love between two souls so similar yet so different *chef finger kiss* it’s everything I want in a YA fantasy romance. 

This is marketed as the new twilight but I honestly think I love this more. Grace is definitely not Bella. Grace is like a dozing pit bull ready to snap at anyone who dares to order her about. Jaxon is a bit of a dark horse, and clearly has no idea how to respond to her for the most part. His bafflement fuels my enjoyment a hundred fold. I especially like that he clearly sticks around in spite of if not because of her stubborn and sassy streaks. Totally fated mates vibes, my peeps! I want it all!

I literally pine for book two. How can I possibly wait?!?

Isn’t it beautiful?!?!?!?!

But back to Crave:

The writing is diverting and fun. It’s also very colloquial—lots of teen slang. One day this book could serve as a time capsule preserving teen language. If you are not hip with the times (I’m archaizing), you might end up googling the references. 

But I don’t think it will detract from your enjoyment. (READ IT)

The plot is so eventful—lots of action and mystery—that it was hard to put it down. I just want more!!! But before you read this please note that the ending will crush your soul—because that cliffhanger is bananas and you will have so many questions! I don’t mean that in a bad way. You will simply be as addicted to this story as I am. You will, in fact, crave it. One taste is all it takes. Then it just sucks in your attention and refuses to spit you back out. (Ok, I’m done with the vampire/title puns). I read this fast considering it’s a behemoth of a book in your hands. I recommend giving yourself time to binge! 


…Twilight, Vampire Academy, the abundance of vampire romances out in the PNR (Paranormal Romance) world, lovers of teen romance and suspense, anyone looking for a book set at an academy, and basically all warm blooded *people*. I think I got everyone. 

That being said, this isn’t Maas so you don’t have to worry about a downright filthy sex scene in the middle of the book—Lots of making out though! 

The majority of the book is about the crazy stuff that keeps happening to Grace (she’s got the same amount of luck as other girls involved with vampires, which is to say almost none at all) so if you are ace or aro and find kissy (but no sex) books unappealing, consider your preferences—I love this book, but I also binge romance novels so my preferences are showing.

As far as triggers, I don’t recall any rapey bits, nothing hinting at domestic abuse/controlling bf (unlike Edward and Jacob, you suicide threatening mf-ers), it’s more just a general sense of doom and attempting to avert it. It’s fairly violent towards the end with super big fight scene but I’d say very appropriate for a teen audience.

If this sounds like the book for you, head over to my Instagram for all the details on a giveaway of a signed hardcover copy!!!

You can also check out more info about the book tour here!

In case you didn’t here, Crave was picked up by Universal–it’s going to be a movie!!! Click here for the details!

Don’t want to miss out on a signed copy? Check out Katy Budget Books, which should have some in in the next few days!



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